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Services for people with special needs

Educational Services
  • Creating a database for male and female students with special needs in the branches of the university
  • Providing chairs in the chapels inside the university buildings
  • Helping students choose the suitable specialization
  • Assisting students in the program of deletion and addition and extracting results
  • Providing suitable halls to perform tests to ensure comfort and the ease of movement
  • Launching the initiative Friends with People of Determination which provides volunteers to help students
  • Conducting general training courses for students with special needs
  • Providing wheelchairs at the gates for easy transportation of the students inside the buildings
Psychosocial Services
  • Conducting a case study for students with special needs
  • Helping to overcome psychological crises and social problems through individual or group counseling sessions
  • Introducing the center's services through participation in community events with educational institutions in the community
Recreational services
  • Conducting trips and field visits for the purpose of entertainment and rejuvenation, such as participation in national holidays and occasions
  • Participation in international celebrations inside and outside the university (International Day of Disability - World Autism Day - Deaf Week)
Objectives of the Special Needs Services Unit
  • Receiving students with special needs and providing the assistance they need from the beginning of their entry to the university until completion and graduation
  • Creating a database for students with special needs to facilitate the process of communicating with them and delivering all the information and text messages they need
  • Providing adequate explanations that include introducing the rules and regulations of the University of Shua related to the rights of the student in general and students with special needs in particular and their financial, social and family care.

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